Training Services

A wide range of options for learning how to use customer insight for CRM


Training Services

Customers-DNA offers you a wide range of options for learning how to use customer insight for CRM. With 8 different courses on topics such as CRM & Data Mining, you will find courses that will help you provide greater value to your organization and further develop your own skills. You can also request your own course based on your specific professional needs.

Our courses have been organized into two main categories:

Marketing and Management focusing on CRM, Segmentation Management & Target Marketing

Data Mining focusing on Data Management, Cluster Analysis, Propensity Modeling, Next Best Activity and Social Network Analysis

Marketing & Management

Introduction to CRM (CODE: MM01)

Gap Analysis for Customer Centricity
Operational CRM: Technical Infrastructure
Analytical CRM: Data Mining & Marketing
CRM Projects: Tips & Tricks to avoid Failure

Customer Segmentation Management (CODE: MM02)

When to use Segmentation
Types of Segmentation and Applications
Segmentation Methodologies and Data Needs
Strategic Segmentation Management

Target Marketing & Campaign Management (CODE: MM03)

Target Marketing Objectives
Propensity Modeling Methodology
Testing Campaigns Effectiveness
Conflicts Administration & Campaign Management

Customer Life Cycle Management (CODE: MM04)

When to use Segmentation
Marketing Objectives per Customer Life Cycle
How to Retain and Develop Customers
Next Best Action
KPIs for Life Cycle Management

Business Analytics using IBM SPSS Modeler

Advanced Data Management using IBM SPSS Modeler (CODE: DM01)


Taking full advantage of databases with IBM SPSS Modeler
Aggregate and Merge Transactional Data
Handling Time Series Data
Taking full advantage of IBM SPSS Functions
Create advanced KPIs using IBM SPSS Modeler

Customer Segmentation Techniques using IBM SPSS Modeler (CODE: DM02)

Segmentation Methodology
Data Cleansing & Enrichment
Factor Analysis
Cluster Analysis
Segments Profiling

Propensity Modeling Techniques using IBM SPSS Modeler (CODE: DM03)

Propensity Modeling Methodology
Data Cleansing & Enrichment
Balancing the Training Data
Modeling & Evaluation
Interpretation and Use of Models Results

Data Mining for Next Best Activity & Life Cycle Management (CODE: DM04)

Create Life Cycles using IBM SPSS Modeler
Weighting predictions based on projected NPV and business Priorities
Combine multiple models to produce Next Best Action
Deploy Next Best Activity and Life Cycle Management
Create KPIs for Life Cycle Management