Business Analytics Services

Business analytics for maximizing business performance


Business Analytics Services

CUSTOMERS-DNA offers a flexible type of cooperation with enterprises aiming to utilize business analytics for maximizing business performance.

We offer Business Analytics Services by hosting and analyzing anonymised data in our infrastructure. Our senior data scientists use sophisticated analytical techniques in order to assure:

  • Accuracy & Effectiveness of Results
  • Business Deployability & ROI

  • No Risk of Project Failure

  • Minimum Requirements of Internal Infra

  • Big Data infrastructure

Usually we start our collaboration with the following steps:

  • We make a short interview with your team in order to identify business priorities & link them with appropriate data

  • We implement for your enterprise a Free of Charge Pilot Project using anonymized data in the framework of our Proof Of Concept approach
  • We present the results of the POC project and if you find them interesting we can proceed with an actual project implementation or with a collaboration model of data hosting & business analytics services

  • We exchange encrypted data via SFTP on a periodic & ad-hoc bases in order to support your standard as well as ad-hoc business needs

Our collaboration model has the following advantages:

  • Minimum IT involvement & zero investment on software & hardware
  • No Data Security Risks since analyzed data are encrypted & anonymized

  • No need from your site to allocate internal resources for maintaining & updating business analytics procedures

  • On the job training on business analytics and campaigning issues as well as management consulting on how to utilize business analytics results

Some of the most important business analytics applications that we support are:

  • Customer Segmentation using database as well as survey attributes

  • Propensity modeling for customer behavior prediction such as churn & product adoption

  • Identification of key events & triggers in customer databases

  • Social Network Analysis for identification of social groups, early adopters & opinion leaders for specific products & services

  • Analyzing customer preferences based on customers data