A relatively new technique, called Social Network Analysis, is mostly used on telecommunication CDRs in order to help business manage the Viral effect. Unfortunately without great success since is used as stand-alone technique and without being supported by the appropriate Marketing Offering.

  • Social Network Analysis combined with traditional Segmentation enable the identification of the right Opinion Leaders to maximize the Diffusion energy.
  • Effectively, it models a word-of-mouth scenario where an individual influences one of her neighbors to follow, from where the influence spreads to some other neighbor, and so on.
  • Combining SNA & Segmentation may lead to exponentially higher ROI but could be useless without the right offer that can support the viral effect.
  • A Viral offer should be Relative with Clear Benefit & Easy to be Spread.

Download an easy to read presentation that illustrates how SNA & Segmentation can be used together in order to help marketers to diffuse products & services more efficiently.