CRM capabilities could be summarized into the following six work streams:Customer Insight, Data Issues, Touch Points, Campaigning, Propensity Modeling & NBA, Customer Feedback.

  1. Customer Insight
    Understanding of drivers of customer behavior and specific value of activities relating to churn, cross/up sell and customer satisfaction.
  2. Data Issues
    The acquisition of necessary Customer Data and the ability to process and aggregate the Data for commercial exploitation and the provisioning of the Data to other systems/departments of the Company for own CRM utilization. Development of a marketing database that will be used for reporting, data mining and campaigning.
  3. Touch points/call centre
    The ability to organize a network of Customer – Company touch points so as to establish efficient and reliable communication to and from the customer.
  4. Campaigning
    Multi wave, multi- channel campaign execution to deliver retention and development initiatives and delivery of a customer experience, which maximizes value.
  5. Propensity Modelling and Next Best Activity (NBA)
    The ability to predict in advance, future trends of segments or the whole of the Company’s Customer base in terms of churn or response to campaigns compute and suggest a series of activities for the specific segments or per customer called Next Best Activity (NBA).
  6. Customer Feedback
    Capability to capture the “voice of the customer” and customers’ experiences through different sources as call centers and loyalty schemes, process them and use them for commercial design purposes.